Why Write a Book ?

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  • Image MissingYou have an eye for high quality work and a high standard that any individual you work with is a seasoned professional; knowledgeable, responsive, and also collective.
  • Image MissingThe book you're preparing to publish is the start of your long-lasting trajectory as a writer, growing your own audience, and strengthening your business.
  • Image MissingWhen you collaborate with the Self Publishing System, our professionals concentrate on each part of the book publishing procedure to make sure that your vision becomes a reality.

Here's how the Breakthrough Bestseller Plan works...

Your First Draft

We can suggest different writing methods to support your personal creative style.

The Self Publishing System – Home
The Self Publishing System – Home


All editing is done in conjunction with your personal professional editor.


Cover and interior design. We ensure a winning combination.

The Self Publishing System – Home
The Self Publishing System – Home


Final checks and printing of paperbacks, hardback and eBook to Amazon.


Free 5 day eBook promotion, marketing, reviews and sharing.

The Self Publishing System – Home

"Breakthrough Bestseller Plan"

  • Send us what your have written so far including the Topic or Genre you are writing in.
  • Our professional team of experienced authors and publishers will then provide you with a custom strategic plan so you KNOW your book will be successful when you launch
  • We provide an honest, professional feedback on your book BEFORE you publish and launch. Your team of professionals will offer specific details on structuring and organizing your book to ensure it's success.
  • You will be assigned a personal book editor that will read what you have written from start to finish. Your editor will take detailed notes and summary reviews before getting on the phone with you.
  • After your book is structured and written, we go DEEP into the marketing of your book by preparing our ``Book Market Analysis``. We research and plan out your book's market strategy to give you and your book the absolutely best chance to become a debut, breakout, bestselling book.

Your self publishing system

This complete Bestseller plan includes;

  • Our Secret Book Launch Process (marketing plan and resources)
  • The Insider’s Comprehensive Book Publishing Guide and Milestone Map
  • Growth Hack Your Author Platform Workshops and Support

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It’s a Brand-new Kind of Publishing.

We believe the most effective publications happen when

the writer as well as the publisher get on the same team.

Our professional publishing team manages all of the…


■  Editing and Enhancement

  Design and Publication

■  Marketing and Launching your book


You manage the vision.
You keep all the legal rights.
You keep all the profits.

You are always in control of your story !

Your Story told YOUR WAY !! 👍