About Paper Raven Books

Let’s publish your book together.

We are a self-publishing company that is dedicated to helping you write, publish, and market your best book possible.

We work with you to make sure that your vision for your book is the final product.

Our team of experienced book editors, designers, and marketers, work and guide you through every step of the publishing process.

From your rough manuscript to your beautifully personalized, polished and published book.

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The Paper Raven Books team has a wealth of experience and expertise in book publishing.

We will work with you to streamline your book’s message, edit each sentence, design the pages with beautiful typography and create an eye-catching cover. 

Be assured your book will be the same high quality as any traditional or hybrid publisher would produce.

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Your book will look great and can be purchased anywhere in the world, including bookstores.

Find out which “Publishing Path” is right for YOUR book.

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