3 Deadly Book Writing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Prevent

3 Deadly Book Writing Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Should Prevent

What are Three Deadly Writing Mistakes ?

Creating your book is not as hard as you believe, as long as you stay clear of these mistakes.
There are particular points publishers want you to believe about what it takes to produce a book so they can keep control of the publishing sector.

However, regardless of what they want you to think, you do not need to have a typical publisher to have a genuine publication.
You can enjoy the trustworthiness the comes from being a genuine writer by self-publishing.
If you make these errors, however, it will certainly be challenging to get your publication done.

So, if you wish to know just how to be the writer of a book that provides you substantial credibility with your optimal clients, here are my top 3 mistakes for you as an Author to prevent.

Digital Author

Mistake #1Chaining Yourself To The Key-board To Create Web Content For The Book

The majority of people believe to write a publication you sit down at the key-board and type until your fingers fall off.
Fact is, if you understand the best techniques, you should be able to develop all the outline and most of the content for your book around 2hrs (Yep! Absolutely true!!). 👍

Mistake #2 – Thinking That “Only 300 Page Books Are ‘Actual’ Publications”

Some people presume a publication has to be super-long length to price as a “actual” publication in the eyes of the general public.
The reality is, especially with non-fiction or “exactly how to” topics, shorter books aid individuals by getting to an outcome much faster and also make them easier to read.
There are plenty of fantastic publications with simply 100 pages in them.

Mistake #3 – Thinking All Your Profit Originates From Actual Book Sales

Trying to make all your money from sales of the book is a massive blunder.
The very popular writers can make it as much as 100X the profit from their book-linked-programs as well as services, as than they can from their publication alone.
Their publication advertising channel would consist of products or services such as; mentoring, advanced programs and also consulting.  Visualize the multiple ways you could utilize a book to obtain more leads and also sales in your existing organization.

Yes, by becoming a self-published writer as well as adding your new publication (asset) to a marketing channel can do marvels for your company.
Great place to begin is with our “Self Publishing System”.  Check out explainer video at: Paper Raven Books – Review